Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whose your favorite muppet?

Hands down my favorite muppet is Animal. He is an animal lol. From his wild outbursts of beating up guests and other muppets to his rocking out on the drums Animal is the best. A close second is the Swedish Chef "Here Chicky Chicky.... Bork Bork Bork!"

Third place definitely goes to  Jerry Statler and Conrad Waldorf the two old guys in the Balcony Booth. 

Missy Piggy I can't stand and well Kermit is Kermit but I wish Miss Piggy would get over it already and eat the damn frog so Foozie, Rowlf and Gonzo could run the show and be the stars they so yearn to be lol. That being said I don't know weather I'm actually going to heave over 14 dollars to the movie theater to watch this. I may grab it when it hits the Walmart clearence bin as I'm sure we will see Muppet over stockage very soon. Then again it is a Disney film so you can almost certainly be guarenteed that the DVD will never drop under the price point of $25 whIch is why I very rarely buy Disney Movies. But the Muppets were a huge part of my Childhood, many of ours actually, so maybe I will splurge on seeing this for ol times sake. 

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