Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whose your favorite muppet?

Hands down my favorite muppet is Animal. He is an animal lol. From his wild outbursts of beating up guests and other muppets to his rocking out on the drums Animal is the best. A close second is the Swedish Chef "Here Chicky Chicky.... Bork Bork Bork!"

Third place definitely goes to  Jerry Statler and Conrad Waldorf the two old guys in the Balcony Booth. 

Missy Piggy I can't stand and well Kermit is Kermit but I wish Miss Piggy would get over it already and eat the damn frog so Foozie, Rowlf and Gonzo could run the show and be the stars they so yearn to be lol. That being said I don't know weather I'm actually going to heave over 14 dollars to the movie theater to watch this. I may grab it when it hits the Walmart clearence bin as I'm sure we will see Muppet over stockage very soon. Then again it is a Disney film so you can almost certainly be guarenteed that the DVD will never drop under the price point of $25 whIch is why I very rarely buy Disney Movies. But the Muppets were a huge part of my Childhood, many of ours actually, so maybe I will splurge on seeing this for ol times sake. 

How do you like your pages flipped?

In the futuristic age there are many ways we do old things in new ways.  From instant communications through tweets and text vs telephones to sending mail vs email to watching tv on a flat screen vs youtube videos and digital copies to reading a book vs reading kindle or kobo, today many of us have found new methods to perform old tasks.

So how do you like your pages flipped? What am I talking about?  Reading!  The way that we read now has been affected by the modern age in many ways.  Some people still read magazines and newspapers while others follow blog syndicates, read online magazines, and some just peruse endless web pages.  But more specifically in terms of reading novels many people now read their books on electronic devices.  eReaders and Apps on Smart Devices such as Kindle or Kobe have changed the face of publishing.  There are a number of devices out on the market which have made reading more easily accessible in some ways.  With a device such as a Kindle or Kobe Tablet or Smart Phones with the book application you can store numerous books on hard disk and carry it with you anywhere.  The age of the paper back is coming to an end or is it?  I don't think we'll really ever see print media die out.  There is just something about holding a book in hand licking your thumb to turn the next page.  While swiping you're finger across a touch screen and having the page flipped virtually before your eyes is really cool I still like the idea of owning hardcovers and paperbacks.  Sometimes I own both the ebook and the paperback so if I am away from home and I feel like reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings I can just look it up in my virtual archive download it and begin reading.
I think many people enjoy the option of having the choice to read a book or a eReader.  Very cool.

I also think in some ways electronic readers have generated a renewed interest in reading overall.  While the price of some eBooks can run high most are very cheap compared to their counter parts especially considering the way in which the Book industry runs their prints now by releasing Hardcovers first and then months later Paperbacks.  It does make a difference in the wallet when you buy the eBook as opposed to the Hardcover.  One of the great things about the eBook Stores is that often there are many free books made available as well, while many of them are classic novels, it is very useful to have.

While the ability to switch eBooks between different types of readers is still a controversial issue and I don't exactly like the fact that if I purchase a book from Kindle's Store I may not be able to read it in Kobe due to the DRM restrictions (an encoding format which protects the file from being read on devices other than that which it was purchased on).  I'm sure in time this will get straightened out.  For now I stay in the best of both worlds. I have my Kindle App on my phone and I have my mini-library where I can grab a paperback and sit down by the fireplace.  

Bookworm Blodgett

What's in your wallet?

The answer is Google. Yesterday the world was officially introduced to Google Wallet a new App that will eventually be included in all Android based devices.  Google Wallet is currently only available on the Nexus S 4G but will become widely available as more devices are produced.  The basis of the Google Wallet App is the ability to use a NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip that enables you to use your device as a credit card at locations which have a pay pass system installed.  That is the first problem I can foresee at this point is that not many places have pay pass's available.  The second problem is that you need a credit card.  Well there's a solution for that as you can use prepaid cards and top up when you want.  Check out the announcement video below.  I have also provided a link (bottom picture below) to a Blog Entry with a much more detailed analysis done by the dudes over at Engadget who spent a week toying with Google Wallet. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Electree : The Solar Bonsai

This is totally awesome;  The Solar Bonsai Electree.  It is a Solar Panel Charging Station shaped in the image of a Bonsai.  Vivien Muller came up with the idea.  He is a graduate of design school.  More of Vivien's designs can be found at  http://vivien-muller.fr.   There are some really cool looking concepts. Most of his work is nature inspired.  The Electree can charge portable electronic devices through a USB connection after receiving 36 hours of sunlight.   The unit is priced around 300 Euros which is roughly around $400 Canadian.  There is a full interview about this device over at :

Shockwave Cyberverse destined for the Vault

Shockwave has to be one of my favorite Decepticons.  He is ultimately lethal.  Hasbro's description states: "Few have ever seen SHOCKWAVE and lived. His is the hand that ensures DECEPTICON plans remain secret from the AUTOBOTS. He eliminates evidence and witnesses with brutal, emotionless efficiency. The only hints he ever leaves of his presence are smoking craters and the collapsed tunnels through which he travels" In the third part of Michael Bay's Trilogy Dark of the Moon I was really excited when I heard Shockwave would make an appearance.  I love the design they used for him and for Driller his Fusion Tank. I have been waiting for a toy version of this since the movie came out.  After picking up the Voyager Class Version (pictured above)  I really wanted a Driller alongside. Hasbro has finally released the Cyberverse set of Shockwave with his Fusion Tank. This is definitely on my hit list.

Preview of new Microsoft OS

Check out this preview of the new OS coming from Microsoft.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

English Breakfast

There's nothing like having breakfast for dinner, in my book anyways.  Felt like doing something different tonight so I whipped up an English Breakfast with my own twist of course.  Typically an English Breakfast entails Pork and Beans, Fried Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, and Mushrooms.  There are variations of course but this is what I have typically seen in the good ol UK.  First thing I did was saute the mushrooms (see recipe below).  Next thing is I heated some Veggie Oil in a pan and set to high.  While waiting for the Oil to warm I heated the Pork and Beans in a pot.  I used Canned Pork and Beans mixed with Maple Syrup you can use any type or make your own.  I heat on a low to medium low.    Next I threw some Turkey Bacon on the Griddle.  Throw your eggs in the pan with Veggie Oil and cook till runny.   Don't forget to flip your mushrooms. By the time the Eggs are done everything else should be ready.  Throw a little of everything on your plate, grab your favorite sauce ie... Ketchup and Chow Down   Chez Blodge

Portabella Mushroom Saute

I put a little Veggie Oil in a skillet heated on Medium High
I used about 5 medium sized Portabella's thinly sliced
Add 1 tbsp each of Red and White Wine Vinegar.
Add 2 tbsp of Olive Oil
Add 3 tbsp of Butter
Add 1 clove of garlic chopped
Add 1/2 tsp of Paprika
Add 1 Tsp of Parsley
Add  Freshly Ground Pepper
Mix them up good and then throw in the Portabella's
You can reduce the heat to medium
They should take about 3-5 minutes a side.  Flip them half way through

They Original recipe which I used as a reference for this can be found here 

Some more interesting TIFF Trailers

Sunday mornings

Why is it that everyday of the week Monday to Friday I hear the alarm, I fumble my hands around like the semi-blind people in horror movies trying to find their glasses and upon discovering the location of the sleep depriving agent I attempt to smash it and I can easily fall back asleep. So Sunday and Saturday morning come around no alarm set and presto I wake up before 9.  It may be the smashing next weekend I will have to add the smashing into my wake up routine.  So here I am lying in bed (I'll spare you any pictures) mobile blogging. Did I mention I love Android.  Today once I arise from this oh so comfortable bed, which may take a while, I plan to venture out into the jungle of Square One land, otherwise known as City Center.  Actually I'm just going to check out the farmers market maybe grab some grub. I'll probably bring my Camera too in case I feel like snapping a few candid shots of some poor sucker while they are perusing the turnips, carrots or whatever vegetable catches their eye.  They will be posted at BlodgettFreezeFrame.

Also on the agenda today I will be whipping up some Spicy Thai Chicken.  I was trying to steal a picture from Rachel Ray (just the pic not a recipe got my own) who had one online that will look similiar to mine but the had it blocked from the internet pirates so we will have to wait until the experiment is over for photo ops.  Coming up this week too I plan to head over to Taste of Streetsville so watch out for the post. 

The TIFF (Film Festival) is almost over so we won't be seeing any more Blog Entries about Pitt, Fox's Dress or whatever other useless information conjured up in the obsession of "stars" world, haven't heard much about the movies actually.  Speaking of movies I have posted some of the trailers that caught my brow:

"Use the force Luke"

For all you Star Wars fans the deleted scenes from the newly released Blu Ray Six pack have been uploaded and linked by the homies over at Comic Book Movie.  Here's the link  http://comicbookmovie.com/fansites/rorschachsrants/news/?a=46564

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More on Meadowvale Village

The Mississauga News has posted an article on the 175th Celebration of Meadowvale Village.

For a little History on Meadowvale read up the Wikipedia page 

Apple .... but what about me?

I was just flipping channels because I have been trying to take a nap.  Watching something on TV, which I hardly do, usually helps me pass out because well TV is just boring.  So I came across a tech show featuring new I-phone apps.  I woke up because my blood instantly began to boil and the rage over anything named I-dash makes me cringe (not really just being a drama queen).  I'm sorry if I have an unwarranted disdain for Apple products but I just have no use for them.  I'm not into trends and Apple has never appealed to me.  For one the I-pods especially the small ones look more like white chocolate snacks than mp3 devices. Ok so I may be going off the deep end a little.  Nevertheless I am a person who likes one device that is capable of multi-media-tasking and I know that I-phone actually is better geared to media related professions but I still have no desire to use one, one of those I-things.

I reluctantly converted to Android after a bunch of friends talked me into it.  I use to use (don't you love when you get to use words like that)  Palm and Windows devices (just shot my left foot there).  But Audiovox died and Samsung had no good alternatives other than Galaxy S and I jumped in.  I have not been disappointed except for the lack of TV connectivity (believe me I've tried) I won't mention the K word as its just better for all of us.  So what's the point of this rant.  Nothing other than oh yeah...  I can't stand when the world assumes that everyone uses I-things.  I don't and definitely have no plans too. Almost every time I hear about a new app I'm like one of my hamsters when he knows he's getting cheese.  I stand on my hind legs, jump up and down putting my little arms up shaking my fingers with excitement.  Then comes the punch line "this App is configured for I-things".  That's when blood may boil.  Hello I'd pay 12 bucks for that free APP why do you have to make it for Apple what about me Mr Bloggin Android guy.  I matter I count for like at least 30 per cent of the market. Not fair I know life isn't.  This aggravates me as much as when people are like "add me on Facebook" or "do you have twitter?"  Hello the world doesn't live on the internet.  The internet is part of the world if you really want to have a relationship here's my number.  Get over it, its already glued to your hand all you have to do is say "Hello". I'll take care of the rest.   

So back to hating on Apple.  I'm thinking of actually going down to City Center with a bristol board and writing on it in big red letters "Hey I want that App on Google."  Think the Mississauga News or Mississauga Life would cover it.  Maybe The Mississauga Muse will find a conspiracy in this. And then there's .... well I can hear the whispers of the crackpots saying "What about Blackberry?" and  I'm like "Who?"  So I guess I am stuck in the middle under the oppressive powers of the I-thing regime and the mysterious world of BBM.   I still want that APP though.  Developers there is more than just Apple. In all fairness to the crackpots there is still an untapped potential market in both Android and Blackberry devices so reach out to us.

Mobile Blodgett

Ps Did you meet Ravage?

Take a walk through some history


Have you ever wanted to learn about some of Mississauga's Historical Background.  October 1st is the next Open doors  Heritage Bus Tour.  Take some pride in your city and learn its history and background.  Mississauga is a vast and widely cultural environment.  If you ask any people who have lived their life here they will all be able to tell you stories how this city has not only changed but changed who they are.  Mississauga is a city which has given us so much in its short time but there are many villages in Mississauga which made it what it is today.  Take the time to learn and cherish the history behind what makes Mississauga such a great place to live. 

 Don't forget Meadowvale Village is celebrating 175 years today.  

Steppin it up at Pearson

As we all know from news reports released over the past two years Toronto's Pearson Airport is rated one of the worst in Canada.  Google it you will find a number of articles.  I couldn't agree more.  I have traveled a little in my day and I have rarely had a good experience coming into Canada.  Being a Canadian citizen this is not only embarrassing but its down right pathetic.  What has improved over the last two years and this is more to do with the initiatives taken by individual airlines than the GTAA, is the ease there is to avoid long check in lines by printing your boarding passes online.  The first time I have used this feature was this past July on a trip to Florida.  I had nothing more than a small backpack which I carried on so the night before I checked in and printed my boarding pass, went to the airport the next day via Mi-way route 7, was there in 40 minutes and walked through customs within 20 minutes.  Not a problem, the problem I have constantly found is coming into Canada.  There are ridiculous waits to go through customs and then there is the dreaded baggage wait.  I have rarely had the experience of getting my luggage in under 30 minutes which is far too long for what is not really that big of an airport.  But then again when it takes 10 minutes to open the door of a plane what's another 30 minutes.

Mississauga News featured an article a few weeks back on the new Air-Rail Link (ALR) which is being headed up by Kathy Haley.  Kathy is one of the people who was behind the modern gas station designs amongst numerous other achievements.  Her vision of the new ALR is refreshing but it is not enough from the GTAA.  Kathy's vision is similiar to that of London England an airport that is fairly well thought out from boutiques to transportation.  If you ever fly into London there are three major airports you can land in and a few smaller ones.  All of these airports interconnect either through rail or direct coaches which run most of the day.  While the price point for fares that she mentions in the article runs from $15-35 it is a little steep if you ask me.  I don't recall paying more than 7 pounds when I took it 3 years ago in London.  While the direction that Kathy is bringing to the table sounds promising and I believe she will pull it off I think the GTAA seriously needs to step up their vision of the whole of Pearson's operations.

The first thing that needs to be changed is the customs area.  The last time I went through in July they had completely eliminated the individual lines for the counters so all travelers went into one big line and eventually went to the next available counter.  I am not convinced that this saved more time or was any more efficient.  In many airports I have traveled to there is always a line for citizens of that particular country.  This in my opinion is the first thing that should be on the GTAA's list of implementing.  There is absolutely no reason why a Canadian should be subjected to waiting behind a group of people traveling on Visa's who are being branded as suspicious or warranting long periods of questioning.  As bad as that sounds that is the reality of some countries reputation.  Unjust in most cases yes, but security is security and we have protocals for a reason.  By that is not sufficient enough for those of us who live here.  We should be given priority plain and simple.  Just like those who go through the process of enrolling in the Nexus program are given a preferred treatment the same should be applied to those who are traveling on Visa's, they should get their own line.  Nexus, Citizens and Visa's should be how the lines operate.

It is great that there are shuttles running between the terminals 1 and 3 (who know what happened to 2 it closed actually) but nevertheless the shuttle rail has made things a lot easier and cut down on travel and wait times.  But the other big problem I have seen is the how slow the people working at the terminal are to actually get the plane offloaded from the passengers to the baggage.  I'm not commenting on people's work ethics but rather the overall system.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've waited up to ten minutes for the door of the plane to be opened, this is just stupid.  Then there is customs and then the baggage pickup.  I have waited up to almost an hour on one trip, 40 minutes on a few and very rarely under 30 minutes.  Again I say in perspective to many airports I have seen who have a lot more terminals the wait is never more than 20 minutes, actually that's a long wait. 

So Kudos to the GTAA for putting a new initiative together to ease the method of travel to and from the airport.  Now its time to live up the vision that Kathy has for the ARL being "Something that's considered world-class."  In a great city like Toronto why can't their airport live up to the same ideals.  

Traveling Blodgett

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheesy Portabella's

Portabella Stuffed Mushrooms

Prepared a light dinner tonight... whipped up a few Portabella Mushrooms stuff with Cheese and a few extra ingredients.

Chopped up some almonds 1/4 Cup.  Shredded 1 Cup of Mozzarella cheese (had no Gouda).Mixed up in a bowl 2 teaspoons of parsley, 2 teaspoons of basil, 1 teaspoon of pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of Chili Flakes, 2 teaspoons of Veggie Oil and1 cup of Bread Crumbs.  You will use about 5 mid size Portabella's for these measurements.

Turn on your grill to Medium High and Cook the gill side of the mushrooms for about 3-5 minutes.  Mix up all the other ingredients in a bowl while the first side of mushrooms are cooking.  Once done flip the Mushrooms over and spread your mix on top of each one.  Lower the grill lid and cook for about 3-5 minutes or until your cheese is melted to your liking.  Ring the dinner bell and enjoy a nice juicy appetizer or make a whole bunch and have Mushrooms steaks for dinner. 

Chez Blodge

Catching Up

So the kitchen renovations that I was working on are complete.  As usual there are always a few hiccups along the way which resulted in my delay getting back to the routine of posting on a daily basis.  I apologize for the absence... Bloggin B is now back in full swing.   So the summer seems to have disappeared, it may be all the hurricane activity down south that is throwing off the Indian summer that we all love, nevertheless the fall jackets are starting to show and soon the leaves will be changing which means I will have to head north for some photo shoots.

Being absent from the Blogosphere for the last week and a bit I meant to post on a number of items the most interesting being this alarm clock (on the left) which is shaped as a bomb which you have to diffuse before it goes off.  So for all you enthusiasts of exploding stuff this may tickle your fancy.  Some people may have too much time on their hand (seriously no pun intended)    Speaking of exploding stuff I have been living in dreadful fear of my laptop battery possibly exploding as the good old laptop ( at least a few years and counting)   is heating up quite a bit.  Other than when I am typing a lot in these rants and discussions I fill my spare time with, I have found that I can run my laptop on AC only .. I know!.. Who would of thought .. actually I reached the point where I had to do this...

Seriously it came to such madness.  Yes I had the Cryopak 250 out.  I had the mini fan blowing too seems like the fan on the motherboard is gone. (That is not my picture I stole if from Teche Blog) But that aside there have been some interesting topics brought up in other Blogs which I would like to have commented on but being days old and getting a bit late for a Thirsty Thursday Session I may have to cut the discussions short tonight.  Unfortunately my dream of picking up my new EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens will have to wait as I had to splurge unexpectedly on new kitchen appliances. That story I will not disclose but yes ceramic top stoves are breakable.

Moving on to more interesting things I have partially completed setting up my 30 gallon aquarium.  Yes Bloggin B keeps the water creatures at bay.  I added one of my personal favorites a Gold Severum.  He is one of my favorites because they are just bad to the bone fishes.  You see being in the hobby for almost five years I have kept a few fish.  I have also spent a lot more money than I should have on trying to build up a planted aquarium.  One learns with experience that Cichlids (the species that Severum's belong too) have a natural instinct to attack plants.  They aren't really attacking but we'll call it that as I don't feel like giving a course on Cichlid behavior.  Needless to say I have discovered keeping these fish and I've had a few, unfortunately they died due to moving stress and one got hole-in-the-head disease and we we're unable to overcome it, that they almost sit there and watch you.  Every time I find my plants floating at the top of the tank I look at him.  And then I replant them and he sits there and hides.  An hour later I can see him watching and waiting.  Eventually I find my plants uprooted again.  Sneaky lil bugger.

I also added  a Bolivian Ram, three Otto Cats, and a Black Ghost Knife who is not being so friendly today.

Bolivian Ram (he will get more colorful)

Tank (glass needs to be cleaned a little)

Say hello to Mr Pleco.

So stories worth sharing before I sign off to chill out (may be literally) on the balcony for a night cap include; Meadowvale Village Celebrate 175 this Saturday,  we are heading into elections in Ontario (no links you can read your Toronto Newspaper for info) and Mississauga, food wise a Taste of Streetsville is still ongoing, Dishcrawl is coming to Toronto (watch for another post of my thoughts), in movies Gandalf  the Grey is on tour and the latest Avenger One Shot Teaser which the clip is included in Thor released this week on DVD is here :

Bloggin B signing off for tonight.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


One of my favorite times of the day is between 5pm - 9pm.  I love being on a patio or balcony at this time of day. The other night I was sitting on the balcony enjoying a little Chivas when I looked out to see this beautiful sunset.  I decided I would try to snap a quick shot.  There it is, mind you clarity may be a little distorted you can blame it on the Chivas  = ; o

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Forgot to mention

There will be limited posts until the weekend of September 9th.  Bloggin Blodge

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Body check to Netflix

Can google get any bigger?  Apparently it is hostile take over time of your tv viewing experience.  Move over Netflix, Google launches Canadian online movie services


Avenger Short Clips

Calling all Avenger fans, Empire Online has noted on their website that the first in the series of "Marvel One Shots" has been posted online.  The series of mini clips was announced at Comic Con and will focus on tying together any loose ends that may need explaining as we lead up to the big film. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do you need more time?

Not sure how this movie will do but the concept is interesting.  Have a look...


Are you from Mississauga?  Have you heard of  21?  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Over kill

Warning movie spoiler..... Warning possible plot details given below....  Don't read any further if you ......Holy Overkill batman.  I am a huge Comic Book Movies (CBM) fan not only of the website but the movies too.  I follow a number of Blogs and websites I never read the plot spoilers to be honest. I also don't pay much attention to the fifty mini trailers that are released the months before each CBM blocker buster.  It is a little overkill if you ask my humble opinion.

What I do find peculiar is the paparazzi's (professional or hardcore fans) new found interest in being present at film shoots in order to gather a picture or camera phone clip of the soon to be speculated on sequence of plot details.  I guess up-skirt pictures of stars getting out of cars, following stars on vacation hoping to get a partial nude shot while at the beach only has so much appeal.  I don't have much respect for so these called photographers. So now we are bombarded with plot spoilers about the the latest actor on set and what ever else they can stir up.

There seems to be another growing trend of casting extras or background production staff members providing similar leaks of speculated information.  Not really a fan of all of these spoilers.  I love going to watch CB movies and I go into them with one simple expectation to be entertained.  I don't care for knowing half of the characters, a few surprise appearances always makes for a better film.  Good plot twists that haven't been reported on or speculated on by every other internet blog or news service makes for good fun too.   Part of the reason why I think half the movies we've seen released this summer weren't received well was for this reason and that too many people try and compare creative rewrites of their favorite characters to their twenty year old counterparts. 

The point of reboots of classic CBM's is to bring the story alive to a new generation.  Expressing a little creativity is exactly why The Dark Knight Rises Series has been doing so well.  Rewriting the story and adapting the characters to take on different tones has been part of the Comic Book genre since comics first began.  We need new plot twists, we need new takes on characters but what we don't really need is to know every detail of the film before it is even finished filming. 

Elementary schools now have uniform

Some parents may be relieved that the Toronto Catholic School Board has now implemented a uniform Policy under the "dress code for pupils policy."  Beginning this school year students will no longer be wearing street clothes.  A welcome move by some as buying new clothes at back to school sales and doing laundry may now be reduced also as a result.  I for one am totally for this.  This will in some ways create a more focused atmosphere for students to learn and will alleviate some of the popularity pressures that have arisen due to the over emphasis on fashion that retailers and the fashion industry have placed on our children. Not to the mention the branding association that leads to bullying.  I have a good friend who is a Chaplain in the Dufferin Peel board and he has even stated on occasion that branding due to the clothing can even go as far as determining where kids sit in the cafeteria.  By branding I am referring to kids only associating with kids who dress in the same clothing style whether its grunge, preppie, rocker vs rap etc.  I remeber in grade 8 even at a uniformed school I attended you were really cool if you had a Raiders jacket and maybe a Guns n Roses, Metallica or Public Enemy T-shirt.  You were semi-cool if you had a Georgetown Hoyas jacket.  I had a lumber jacket which made me semi-nerdy and a Hoyas jacket which made me semi-cool too.  Our kids don't need this pressure they need to learn in a positive environment which is getting harder to provide. This is a great move on the board's part.  Maybe the trustees at Dufferin will relook at this issue again soon.  Read more here

If you're sweating you are a terrorist.

Anyone think this is a little bit of profiling?   So the government has a plan to watch you at the airport and based on your body behavior they may be able to apprehend terrorists.  Signs of detection include sweating.  So if you're late don't run because that morsal of bodily cooling agent may do you in.  I think the government should stop using terrorism as a scapegoat for their "global plan of tyranny" as Alex Jones puts it.  Conspiracy theorists will be having a field day with this article

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to school chills

Another weekend has come and gone.  The last weekend before the back to school craziness begins.  The construction workers are busy fixing up the streets at some of our major intersections.  The malls are going crazy with Moonlight Madness sales and Walmart along with staples will be areas that you will want to steer clear of over the next weekend.  So the last long weekend of the summer is upon us and the police will be busy setting up their spot checks and strategic plans for ensuring road safety.  The cottagers are finalizing their plans for the weekend and the liquor stores will be stocking up as the crazies line up to ensure they are well stocked for the last blitz of the summer.  The skies are growing cloudier and the chill of the morning breath is echoing the sentiments that the change of seasons is in the air.  As hurricanes and tropical storms brew in the southern eastern seas we feel the warmth of the sun's embrace grow distant earlier each day.  The morning traffic increases as the teachers creep back to work.  Soon our morning sidewalks will be littered with the joyful screams of friends lost and rekindled as the little ones go off to learn.  The traffic volume increases as parents fill their busy summer schedules with back to school fun.  The thrill of the summer freedom is over now and done.  There's something about the last week of August that always give me the back to school chills.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Butter Sage Gnocchi

I was looking for something quick to prepare last night after taking a few pictures in the City Center.  There were a couple of packs of Potato Gnocchi (pasta) kicking around in the fridge so I decided I would try mixing up this recipe. With only 20 minutes of prep and cooking time this dish makes for an easy dinner.  It had an interesting flavor not one that everyone may enjoy.  I did  add a little more garlic and Parmesan than the recipe recommended but personally I found that it could use a little more flavor.  This may simply be because of the variety of spices that I tend to throw in the mix when I am cooking.  Still a good dish and I will be playing with the ingredients more next time. 

New City Center Roundabout


I finally made it over to check out the new roundabout at City Center last night.  I was kind of surprised it's actually much smaller than I thought it would be. I was expecting something like in Europe where there are three lanes on each side a pile of cars and some poor sucker stuck going around in loops endlessly.  No such luck. Open just in time for the new school year the roundabout is adjacent to the new Hazel McCallion Campus (Sheridan College) located at Square One Drive and Duke of York Boulevard across from the Zellars' (soon to be Target) parking lot.  Roundabouts will be new to many people with in Mississauga as there really aren't any.   I think they should put one at 10 and Burnhamthorpe that would make for some great entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. So if you're in the area in the coming days take a spin, literally.  And while you're at it have a look at a few pics I snapped on the walk home.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

History Matters and researching for new blog section Mississauga History

There's an old saying "if you don't know where you came from how can you get to where you're going?"

I have always been a lover of arts, culture, religion and history.  Once some one said "you seem like you are very modern but you are very cultured.  A rather interesting contradiction"  I agree but I also believe that we should have a healthy respect for our history, traditions, religion and cultures.  I have never been fond of the ideology that plagues my fellow younglings and the lack of respect for History and yet the obsession with pop culture and modern technology while at the same time having little interest in their own culture. 

This is sad!  I am a full fledged Canadian!   I am a 3rd generation Canadian there's even a little of the Native blood running in these veins if you go back a few generations.  Not sure if that last part is true or one of late Auntie Roe's Fables she told of our relationship to Princess Lily Feather and Chief Shot-in-both-sides.  But on the lighter side I have been thinking of a way to include in this Blog some of the Cultural and Historical aspects of Mississauga.  Not many of the people who now live in Downtown City Center would even remember the Ol man's Farm on Eglinton.    Being a 3rd generation Canadian I envy people who come here and have a cultural tradition.  While some argue that Canada has its own culture and tradition I mean Culture more in the sense of Filipino, Spanish, Indian etc..   It is actually kind of sad that so many young people feel embarrassed that their parents want to incorporate some cultural traditions in their lives.  But thanks to James Dean being cool still seems to plague our young minds, malls, Tim Horton's and School Parking Lots heck even Churches.

So as I brainstorm keep tuned to the Bat channel for Bloggin Blodgett will be adding a new category to the Blog: Sauga back in the day.  For now if it pleases you have a look at this site Heritage Mississauga   a site I stumbled upon while doing some research on the Villages and Lost Villages of Mississauga.  Stay tuned for the new category in the coming months.

Old Skool Blodgett

Dj Vader Turn the beat up!

After a wild storm came ripping through Mississauga on Wednesday another wild storm was brewing the following Thursday... Thirsty Thursday.  Bloggin Blodgett and DJ Vader met up for another session of The Garage Talk Chronicles.  On the agenda this week was a number of topics but one in particular was music production.  DJ Vader is a producer of Drum and Bass and some hip hop.  Vader has released a few EPs on I tunes you can follow him on Twitter as well as SoundCloud a newer Social Music Community.

Raised in Mississauga he has spent much of the last ten years outside of school and work developing his production skills.  This was one of the topics on the table as we enjoyed a bit of Crest and Remy Ma.  While in his own right DJ Vader is a humble man yet he still recognizes his own growth as a producer.  I have had the privilege of knowing him for about 16 years and we spent much of our high school lunches together  listening to hip hop mix-tape cassettes sharing headphones one ear bud in an ear sharing a little box of french fries.  This is where much of the love for the underground began for F.O.2.d.X .as we have always called him.  It was during the commercialization of the Rave Scene where underground for a short lived time came into the spot light and this is where Vader stumbled upon DNB and in so many words fell in love.  Since the early 2000's he has spent time making mix-tapes and slowly began to throw his own track's in the mix.  Since then he has in many ways begun the road to perfecting his sound.  A few years back Vader launched Sinister Recordings the label which he now releases his EPs under.  A dream of Vader's that dates back to the origin of the term of Sinister Six itself but that's a long story that we'll save for another day.

About four years ago Vader also began experimenting with Hip Hop production and this in some ways ties in with how The Garage Talk Chronicles began as well as Thirsty Thursday's. So this past Thursday we were discussing a little about Classical Hip Hop and the new music which later sparked a discussion about the evolution of music production which in essence sparked the topic of this blog post.

Music production has come a long way.  From records to crackling tapes, to when DJ's were actual DJ's and mixed songs (hence mix-tapes) ... now they just yell words over songs they were given to promote.  A conversation that DJ Vader and I have had and a style that we have criticized relentlessly for some time.  Music now is much different than when we were growing.  Most of it is electronically produced and that's why much of the DNB, Trance, Dub Step and many of the new Rap sounds is mixed in the category of Electronica.  That being said there is a lot of tools that help with the trade.  While the latest pirated apps may assist a producer, Vader has been around long enough to have experimented with a variety of equipment.  His growth as a producer has begun to emerge as his own sound style takes to the streets, the radio and now his own commercial releases.  Keep an ear to SoundCloud for upcoming projects and mix cds.

Look for Part II of Garage Talk Chronicles : Turn the Beat Up  this weekend.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Some more pics from Mississauga Tornado Watch

You can view the rest of the album at BlodgettFreezeFrame

Lego my Eggo

These look really sweet.  Damn I wish I was a kid today!!!  Unimog by Lego thanks to Gizmag

New DOTM Toys: Sergeant Noble Tailpipe & Pinpointer and Sideswipe

I came across these bad boys over at Zellars last week and I couldn't resist. 
I believe the Sideswipe (to the left) has two different versions this being the more colorful of the two.  Tailpipe and Pinpointer are pretty awesome figures too.  Have a look at a few images I snapped real quick.  "BlogginBlodge Roll Out!!!!!!"